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Santa’s Little Helper will walk you through, step-by-step, our all-inclusive process to turn your holiday lighting and decorating dreams into reality. 

Design Consultation

Our process begins with our Creative Designer speaking with you to identify your decor and lighting needs. SLH will then provide you a decor concept and estimate including a variety of options to fit within your budget.


Upon an agreed signed contract, our Creative Designer will create your decorating vision and our local firefighters will install your custom decor/lighting.


We are a fully insured locally owned company and have the experience to ensure your lights are installed safely.

1. Maintenance

Our all-inclusive service ensures any maintenance required on your decorations throughout the holiday season is handled promptly at no additional charge.


2. Removal and Storage

At the end of the season, we will remove all decorations with the same level of professionalism in which they were installed.  The lights and decorations are carefully packed and safely stored in our SLH Storefront ready for the next year’s holiday season.


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